With 30 hectares of vineyard in the Gard Côtes-du-Rhône the Domaine des Bouzons comes to life around a XVIIth century Mas that was built by an ancestor in the family. Four hundred years ago a spring used to gush forth at this location, and still does today.

The vineyard is composed essentially of stocks that are more than 55 years old, and is implanted on the plateaux and hillsides that overlook the Rhône valley.

A typically Mediterranean Terroir, made up of rocky clay-limestone soil with rolled pebbles, where the sun is King and with the Mistral as its faithful ally.

Marc and Nicolas have in common a true passion for this Terroir that they are keen to defend...

DOMAINE DES BOUZONS - 194, chemin Manjo Rassado - 30150 Sauveterre du gard - Tél : 04 66 90 04 41 -
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